Production Logging

Evaluate well performance accurately and efficiently

Efficiently and accurately evaluate well performance
Our production logging services efficiently and accurately evaluate your well's performance. You can configure these services for optimal measurement of a wide range of production conditions, including vertical, highly deviated, or horizontal wells. Use them for a variety of well completion types, including openhole (barefoot), cased and perforated, gravel-packed, or slotted-liner configurations.

Multiple sensors yield accuracy in difficult wells
Multiple sensors offer accurate, high-resolution logs even under difficult well conditions. These include multiphase flow, various flow regimes, production or injection, and low-to-high flow rates. Depth-correlated production data are input for pressure transient and nodal well test analysis and reservoir simulation. This information is vital for an effective reservoir management program.

Increase reservoir production, reduce downtime
Production logging diagnoses and verifies remediation of production problems in real time. You can evaluate production operations and diagnose potential problems like water or gas breakthrough, crossflow of thief zones, and channeling. This ultimately increases reservoir production and reduces downtime.

Analyze flow profile
One primary objective of production logging is to determine and quantify your well's production profile. This helps determine the relative contributions of completed intervals to the well’s total production. Another primary objective is to determine the source or location of unwanted production like water channelling or gas coning.

Production logging measurements are often combined with cased hole reservoir evaluation services like pulsed-neutron logging. This combination gives you saturation and production logging data for a complete well performance evaluation. Our equipment performs in conditions ranging from simple single-phase production to complicated annular three-phase flow in a horizontal well completed with a slotted liner.

Our production logging services—which ensure efficient operations and accurate measurements—include the POLARIS™ service, the PRAL™ service, the Hydrolog™ (HYDL™)/FlowShot™ service, the Annular Flow Log™ (AFL™) service, and the Pulsed Neutron Holdup Imager™ (PNHI™) service.


PhaseView X Horizontal Production Logging Service

Our PhaseView™ X horizontal production logging service accurately evaluates production flow profiles in horizontal, highly deviated, and undulating wells.


ChannelView Well Integrity Detection Service

The ChannelView™ service concurrently provides two independent cement channel evaluations to detect well integrity issues that are typically overlooked.