Reservoir Evaluation

Optimize perforating and completion programs

The Baker Hughes cased-hole formation evaluation service identifies additional zones of opportunity in cased wells. The Reservoir Performance Monitor™ (RPM™) advanced pulsed-neutron logging service identifies hydrocarbons behind casing and differentiates between water- and hydrocarbon-bearing formations. The RockView™ Thru service identifies detailed lithology, mineralogy, and hydrocarbons in the formation through the casing.

Pulsed-neutron analysis estimates formation properties, such as porosity, lithology, and hydrocarbon type. This vital information enables you to optimize hydraulic frac stage placement, perforating and completion programs. You can combine advanced cased-hole reservoir evaluation with production logging as part of a monitoring and management program that optimizes hydrocarbon recovery.

The evaluation of pulsed-neutron logs requires knowledge of formation porosity. Openhole data are used when available. When unavailable, cased-hole logs can be used. Our cased-hole options include RPM porosity, compensated neutron, or the XMAC™ F1 acoustic service for formation slowness.

Saturation analysis from pulsed-neutron logs also requires knowledge of formation lithology and mineralogy. If openhole data are unavailable, cased-hole options include RockView Thru, RockView Slim (silicon activation logging) and NEO™ openhole log emulation.

Pulsed-neutron logging is the optimal technology for cased-hole saturation measurements. Our RPM multifunctional pulsed-neutron instrument offers several options for fluid saturation measurements under a range of conditions. Services include the GasView™ measurement for gas saturation, pulsed-neutron capture (PNC) sigma evaluation, and carbon-oxygen (C/O) evaluation.

Memory RPM logging
Our M-Series™ M-RPM™ service delivers the same high-quality answers and solutions offered by RPM conveyed on wireline. Other services are logged on slickline, coiled tubing, or tractor. They combine memory RPM with surface readout wireline measurements.

Our RPM tool also performs production logging measurements for water velocity and channel detection. The tool determines three-phase annular holdups in horizontal wells with liner completions.

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Our GasView™ service offers accurate analysis of gas saturation behind casing.


Memory RPM Logging

Our M-Series memory-based cased hole logging services deliver the same high-quality evaluations expected from our electric wireline services, but without the electric wire.


RockView Thru Service

Our RockView™ Thru service delivers through-casing lithology, mineralogy, and TOC of the formation.


FluidView Three-Phase Fluid Saturation Service

Our FluidView™ service provides three-phase formation fluid saturation analysis in light-oil or high-salinity reservoirs.


OilView Two-Phase Fluid Saturation Service

Our OilView™ service provides two-phase fluid saturation analysis through casing in light-oil reservoirs, resolving the ambiguities in traditional cased-hole formation evaluation.


OmniView Three-Phase Fluid Saturation Analysis Service

Our OmniView™ service provides salinity-independent three-phase formation fluid saturation analysis through casing.


RPM CE Concurrent Cement and Formation Evaluation Service

The RPM™ CE service simultaneously evaluates cement and formations, which reduces formation evaluation ambiguities associated with the lack of cement bond information.

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