Memory RPM Logging

Boost operation efficiency, reduce cost with memory pulsed neutron logging

Baker Hughes M-Series™ portfolio of memory-based, cased-hole logging services boost operation efficiency and reduce cost without electric wireline. Deployed by slickline, coiled tubing, or pipe, these services let you select the best conveyance method for your operation and logistical needs. You can reduce logistical cost, personnel and equipment requirements, and risk to the operation and environment with greater efficiency.

The M-Series RPM™ service offers full-capability pulsed neutron capture (PNC–sigma) measurements in the memory mode. This major technological achievement makes gathering reservoir information significantly more flexible and cost-effective for day-to-day operations.

Oil or gas saturation in saline environments is accurately determined by the M-Series RPM service operated in the sigma mode. RPM measurements also  can be used to determine formation properties, such as porosity, lithology, and shale volume. Our M-Series RPM service addresses a broad range of reservoir evaluation and management applications. This includes reservoir saturation, produced fluids monitoring, formation evaluation, and diagnostic evaluation.

The memory system developed to operate the RPM instrument has been designed with safety in mind. Memory RPM operation is controlled by a redundant combination of time, temperature, pressure, and an independent mechanical, pressure-based, fail-safe system.

The Baker Hughes GasView™ service also is available in the memory mode for accurate gas saturation measurements in a wide variety of reservoir environments without the use of other logs. The GasView service uses a salinity-independent method to examine gas volumes directly. This bypasses the limits inherent when using sigma for gas saturation. These new measurements have significantly expanded the operational envelope for formation and gas analysis.

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