RockView Thru Service

Maximize reservoir potential with critical formation information through casing

The Baker Hughes RockView™ Thru service provides lithology and mineralogy of the formation by acquiring and processing high-resolution gamma ray spectroscopy data through casing, helping to resolve the ambiguities of traditional petrophysical evaluation models. Using empirically developed algorithms to eliminate attenuation and contribution factors for the cement and casing, and a unique expert system for mineral quantification, the RockView Thru service opens up new analysis approaches that can lead to optimal reservoir characterization.

Reduce reservoir uncertainty

The RockView Thru service delivers in-situ mineralogical characterization of the conventional and unconventional formation through casing, which gives an opportunity to reduce the uncertainties in petrophysical model calculations, especially when the reservoir heterogeneity increases and lithology and mineralogy data is not available from an open hole logging suite.

Identify bypassed zones

The direct measurement of carbon with the RockView Thru service in these shale zones enables the quantification of the total organic carbon (TOC), or kerogen present in the reservoir, which indicates the amount of hydrocarbons in conventional reservoirs or total gas-in-place (GIP) in unconventional reservoirs.

Optimize frac placement

Fracture placement can be optimized by combining the lithology, mineralogy and TOC of the formation identified by the RockView Thru service with the Baker Hughes XMAC™ F1 acoustic service, which can determine the dynamic and static geomechanical properties of the formation.

XMAC F1 Acoustic Logging Service

Our XMAC™ F1 acoustic service delivers real-time compressional, Stoneley, and slow and fast shear measurements.

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