RPM CE Concurrent Cement and Formation Evaluation Service

Evaluate cased-hole formations with confidence

The Baker Hughes RPM™ CE concurrent cement and formation evaluation service provides an accurate formation fluid saturation analysis through the casing. Simultaneous cement bond evaluation with the Segmented Bond Tool™ (SBT™) and through-casing formation evaluation with the Reservoir Performance Monitor™ (RPM™) services optimizes data acquisition and provides an improved fluid saturation and petrophysical analysis.

Reduce ambiguity

The RPM service’s response for varying formation fluid saturation conditions is characterized using Monte Carlo (MCNP) modeling to provide an accurate response in a wide range of borehole, casing, and cement scenarios. The unique Dynamic Response Generator™ feature of the RPM CE service delivers accuracy and confidence in any reservoir condition. The RPM CE service provides accurate cement bond log information, which accounts for cement variation behind the casing and reduces ambiguity in petrophysical analysis.

Log efficiently

The RPM CE service enables the logging capability of the SBT and RPM services to be run simultaneously—saving costly rig time. Pre-job modeling, using the Baker Hughes exclusive deployment management process, enables unassisted deployment on wireline, even in highly deviated wells, to save operational time and resources on tractor-assisted deployments.

Evaluate the formation through casing

The RPM service uses an advanced, slimhole, multi-detector, pulsed-neutron reservoir monitoring instrument. It is a versatile service that provides water saturation data with carbon/oxygen (C/O) and pulsed-neutron capture (PNC) measurements. The RPM service also delivers quantitative gas saturation using the GasView™ service and multiphase formation fluid saturation using the OilView™, FluidView™, and OmniView™ services. Accurate knowledge of the cement bond augments the fluid saturation analysis provided by the RPM service.

Evaluate the cement bond in real time

The SBT service delivers real-time cement bond evaluation answers. It offers significant operating advantages over conventional and pulse-echo tools due to its insensitivity to heavy or gas-cut borehole fluids, emulsions, fast formations, tool eccentricity and heavyweight casings up to 1-in. thick.

Additionally, the RPM CE service is deployable on wireline and other pipe-conveyance methods, including the Baker Hughes TeleCoil™ intelligent coiled tubing service.

TeleCoil Intelligent Coiled Tubing Services

Get real-time downhole information, maximizing the efficiency of CT operations. Real-time collar location enables the necessary depth accuracy for precision applications.

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