Imaging Caliper Log (ICL)

Identify worn or corroded areas in casing

The Baker Hughes ICL™ Imaging Caliper Log™ determines casing wear. Imaging calipers show when casing is in serviceable condition or in need of remedial work. This technology is important when drilling operations have been carried on for an extended period of time through the casing string, potentially reducing the casing strength.

Measurements also can determine whether sufficient casing strength remains to conduct safe well stimulation operations. The service can identify potential casing leaks that may be causing high water cut or reduced production.

The range of multifinger imaging tools offers high-resolution detail on the condition of downhole tubulars. Each tool in the family uses an array of hard-surfaced fingers that measure very small changes in diameter. All finger measurements are transmitted to the surface for real-time output at maximum log resolution.

The pressure exerted by each finger is in the range of 1 to 1.5 pounds of force. This allows the tools to be deployed in chrome or plastic-coated tubulars, minimizing the possibility of damage to the coating. Additionally, this light pressure does not scratch standard casing, eliminating a potential for corrosion to begin.

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