Segmented Bond Tool (SBT)

Avoid unnecessary squeeze jobs

The Baker Hughes Segmented Bond Tool™ (SBT™) service quantitatively measures the cement bond integrity in six angular segments around the casing. The SBT service can find and define channels in the cement annulus that could result in a poor hydraulic seal.

Conversely, the SBT service can reliably find zones of uniform bonding over only a few feet of casing. Under conditions where a short-bonded interval produces an adequate hydraulic seal, unnecessary squeeze jobs can be avoided. The SBT can read cement bond integrity behind heavy wall casing, at times with thickness to 1 in.

The SBT service offers significant operating advantages over conventional and pulse-echo tools because of its insensitivity to heavy or gas-cut borehole fluids, fast formations, temperature, and pressure variations, and moderate tool eccentering.

For ease of interpretation, the SBT measurements are displayed in two log presentations. Both presentations are available in the logging mode as the SBT data are acquired, processed and plotted in real time. The secondary presentation consists of six, 60-deg. segmented arrays, variable-attenuation cement map, and a tool-orientation trace overlay.


SBT Seal Advanced Cement Bond Analysis Service

The SBT™ Seal service provides an integrated assessment of cement seal quality for data acquired with the Segmented Bond Tool (SBT) service.


SBT ID Cement Bond Log and Casing Evaluation Log

The SBT ID service delivers cement bond log and casing evaluation log data in a single run.

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