SBT ID Cement Bond Log and Casing Evaluation Log

Get the cement bond log and casing evaluation log in a single run

By combining the Imaging Caliper™ (ICAL) and Segmented Bond Tool™ (SBT™) services, the Baker Hughes SBT ID™ service is capable of quantitatively assessing the cement bond quality and detecting internal casing condition simultaneously.

The SBT ID evaluation service provides a comprehensive cement bond log to assess well integrity and minimize emergency interventions. This service also provides casing evaluation logs to measure changes in pipe geometry, internal corrosion, and scale build up in older wells—making it possible to evaluate internal pipe quickly and reliably in the same run as cement evaluation.

This crucial data enables operators to efficiently decide whether a well integrity condition requires intervention, helping optimize rig costs, reduce potential pauses in production, and decrease environmental risks.

The SBT ID service is ideal for deployment in highly deviated and tortuous wells. This delivers distinct operating advantages over conventional and pulse-echo tools in demanding conditions.

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