Vertilog Casing Inspection Services

Identify and quantify internal and external corrosion defects

Our Baker Hughes Vertilog™ casing inspection services use magnetic flux-leakage measurements to identify and quantify internal and external corrosion defects. The overlapping arrays of flux-leakage sensors and discriminator sensors offer full circumferential inspection of the tubing or casing string. This process differentiates between metal-loss (corrosion) and metal-gain (hardware) features, and distinguishes between general corrosion and isolated pitting.

We offer the following Vertilog services:

Baker Hughes Digital VertilogTM service

Upon request, this instrument may be configured for casing sizes up to 22 in.

Baker Hughes Micro VertilogTM service

This instrument runs in memory mode on slickline or surface readout on electric wireline in pipe sizes from 2 7/8 up to 9 5/8 in.

Baker Hughes High Resolution VertilogTM (HRVRTTM) service

The highest resolution casing inspection tool in the industry uses multi-axis flux leakage measurements.


Digital Vertilog Service

Our Digital Vertilog™ service provides an accurate indication of both internal and external casing corrosion.


Micro Vertilog Service

Our Micro Vertilog™ service is the most versatile casing inspection tool in our arsenal.


HRVRT High-Resolution Vertilog Service

Our HRVRT™ high-resolution vertilog service delivers the highest-resolution electromagnetic casing inspection in the industry.


Insignia Well Integrity Evaluation Service

The Insignia™ service provides a high-resolution assessment of a well’s integrity so emergency interventions and unnecessary production outages can potentially be avoided.