Insignia Well Integrity Evaluation Service

Avoid emergency interventions and unnecessary production disruptions

The Baker Hughes Insignia™ well integrity evaluation service provides a high-resolution assessment of a well’s integrity so emergency interventions and unnecessary production disruptions can potentially be avoided. The service delivers critical data at the well site in less than one-sixth of the time compared to other characterization services—enabling operators to make earlier decisions.

By combining the High-Resolution Vertilog™ (HRVRT™) and Segmented Bond Tool™ (SBT™) services, the Insignia service is capable of quantitatively evaluating the cement bond and casing integrity by detecting channels in the cement annulus. Using multi-axial sensor technology, the Insignia service determines casing defects and provides an accurate burst calculation. This crucial data helps operators decide if a well integrity condition requires intervention to address a hydraulic-seal issue.

Equipped with accelerometers, the Insignia service provides an accurate orientation of the cement and casing evaluation data. With data from the SBT and HRVRT services, the Insignia service delivers results in the form of a 360° map—making well integrity analysis quick and easy to interpret.

The Insignia service delivers operating advantages over conventional and pulse-echo tools. The proprietary pad-mounted sensors make the service insusceptible to heavy or gas-cut borehole fluids, dense muds, emulsions, and temperature/pressure variations. The pad design enables measurements to endure sufficient eccentricity, making the service ideal for demanding deployment in highly deviated and tortuous wells. The service is deployable on wireline and pipe conveyance methods.


  • Preventive well integrity monitoring
  • Evaluation of suspected well integrity issues
  • Highly deviated and tortuous wells
  • Casing patches and other downhole restrictions
  • Mapping of perforations

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