Coring Services

Improve core quality with increased efficiency

We bring improved quality core to the surface efficiently. This can be a continuous full-diameter core using conventional BHA-conveyed tools or as discrete sidewall core plugs. As the world’s leader in this technology, we offer a wide range of conventional and wireline coring services.

Our HT Series™ core barrels, QuickCore™ bits, HydroLift™ system, and JamBuster™ tool allow us to obtain quality, full-diameter core in all formation types.

Our PowerCOR™ rotary sidewall coring tool recovers lab-grade test samples from the wellbore. We match the technology to the formation being cored.



Conventional Coring

We manufacture our core bits and focus on coring performance, risk mitigation, and core quality.


Sidewall Coring Services

Wireline sidewall coring enables you to acquire core samples for reservoir evaluation.