Sidewall Coring Services

Evaluate your reservoir accurately with sidewall core samples

Sidewall coring enables you to acquire core samples for reservoir evaluation. We use percussion and advanced rotary coring tools via wireline to cut 1-in. diameter and 1.5-in. diameter plug samples from the wellbore. Depending upon the method, you can acquire up to 74 samples at multiple intervals.

These formation plug samples are suitable for a wide range of rock property tests for reservoir evaluation, including lithology, hydrocarbon show, paleontological dating, storage capacity, and flow potential. Although a continuous column of formation material is not acquired, sidewall coring may be seen as a cost-effective alternative to conventional coring: Less rig time is required to obtain plug samples.


Percussion Sidewall Coring

An extremely quick and cost-effective method for obtaining formation samples.


Rotary Sidewall Coring

Retrieve high-quality sidewall core samples faster and more reliably.