PowerCOR Sidewall Coring Technology

Get sidewall cores fast and reliably

The Baker Hughes PowerCOR™ service is the fast, reliable solution for acquiring high-quality, 1-in. core samples that enable accurate reservoir evaluation and maximized hydrocarbon recovery. We can retrieve 60 cores dependably during a single trip in a variety of operating conditions.

Our engineering enhancements on electric power management and coring bit design ensure superior core recovery efficiency in all kinds of formations. You can rely on us when operating in small borehole sizes down to 5 7/8-in. and up to 17-in. 

And don’t worry about high pressure or high temperature because we have you covered. Our coring efficiency is consistent even in hostile environments up to 400 deg. F [204 deg. C] and up to 25,000 psi [172 MPa].

100% core recovery in Haynesville shale

An operator was working in a 12,000-ft [3,658-m] well at 312 deg. F [156 deg. C] and 10,000 psi [69 MPa]. The company wanted a better understanding of the shale formation so they called on us. We recommended the PowerCOR service, which acquired 160 core samples at an average of 4 min. per core with 100% recovery. 

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Fluid Characterization and Testing

Our Reservoir Characterization Instrument™ (RCI™) service delivers vital petrophysical information to predict reservoir behavior during production.

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