Advanced Cuttings Evaluation Service

Enabling real-time reservoir characterization with gas ratio geochemistry data

The continual recovery of cuttings from the wellbore ensures that reliable formation evaluation data is always available. This geomechanical information can be used for geosteering and enables you to design a more informed completion.

The Advanced Cuttings Evaluation (ACE™) service uses the latest technologies to provide near real-time elemental, mineralogical, organic, and petrophysical analysis of your cuttings. This service enables you to make better drilling decisions while you are still in the hole by providing advanced formation evaluation data in any drilling environment.

The ACE service combines x-ray fluorescence analysis to identify major and trace elements, x-ray diffraction to detect and quantify mineral phases and brittleness index, and pyrolysis to determine thermal maturity, total organic carbon, and oil and kerogen yield. A high resolution microscope is also used to visualize and create 3D images to determine granular structure.


  • Conventional or unconventional plays
  • Exploration and development
  • HPHT environments
  • Engineered completion designs

Unconventional Hydrocarbons

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