Geologic Services

Geological evaluation provides geochemical analyses for enhanced formation evaluation

Geology influences your entire drilling operation. Integrating operational trends with the type of formation being drilled helps reduce nonproductive time caused by events such as stuck pipe, stick-slip, lost circulation, or abnormal pore pressure.

Knowing the geology is essential for formation evaluation, drilling performance, and well control. We collect, prepare, and examine geologic samples under the microscope for lithological type and percentage and under UV light for indications of oil. This information is used for stratigraphical correlation, reservoir identification, to recognize potentially problematic formations, and to understand how these formations are affecting drilling performance.

Our Geologic Services include

  • Drilled cuttings description
  • Cavings description
  • Hydrocarbon evaluation
  • Stratigraphical correlations
  • Auto calcimetry
  • Cuttings bulk density
  • Shale density measurement
  • Shale factor measurement
  • Advanced cuttings evaluation

There is no substitute for representative cuttings samples correlated to depth. We take samples at regular intervals, analyze them for lithology type and the presence of oil, perform additional geochemical analyses, and then store them for future examination. Cuttings collection and storage methods are customized to meet your requirements.

In combination with gas values and drilling data, we create a formation evaluation log, which is an important corroborative and correlative tool during and after the wellbore construction phase. We also work with the Baker Hughes Reservoir Development and Geoscience Services groups to offer a range of advanced wellsite and laboratory-based geochemical analyses for enhanced formation evaluation.

Using drilled cuttings, the advanced analysis includes data from x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, pyrolysis, and scanning electron microscope mineralogy to determine the precise elemental and mineralogical composition of the lithologies. In certain environments, these wellsite geochemical methods provide the only formation evaluation information.

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