SoundTrak Acoustic Formation Measurements

Maximize drilling efficiency with acoustic LWD measurements

Our SoundTrak™ acoustic LWD service delivers reliable real-time compressional and shear wave travel-times in fast and slow formations. This gives you the power to make critical path decisions that maximize your drilling efficiency, reduce your drilling risk, and optimize your wellbore placement. The SoundTrak service’s data accuracy, measurement flexibility, and tool durability ensure accurate and reliable logging performance in the most challenging drilling environments.

Accurately characterize your reservoir

We measure true formation compressional and shear slowness directly using quadrupole excitation to minimize dispersion correction and reduce tool noise. This outputs wireline quality data in the while-drilling environment for determining mud weight, correlating to surface seismic, and setting production parameters.

Designed for flexibility and durability

Multiple simultaneous frequency transmissions, an azimuthal receiver array configuration, and multipole excitation modes—monopole, dipole, and quadrupole—offer accurate measurements in fast and slow formations in hole sizes up to 26 in. [66 cm]. Our engineers have created a robust design that delivers acoustic information in boreholes as hot as 302 deg. F [150 deg. C] and with pressure up to 30,000 psi [206.8 MPa].

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