StarTrak High-Definition Resistivity Imaging

Enhance production with high-definition LWD imaging

Our StarTrak™ high-definition advanced LWD imaging service offers detailed reservoir characterization, structural classification, and wellbore integrity management in real time. Confident well placement decisions are made by obtaining knowledge of faults and bed boundary orientations while drilling in complex reservoirs with a high degree of uncertainty. This enables you to optimize completions, leading to enhanced production.

StarTrak technology’s modular sub design is easily configured in a conventional AutoTrak™ system/OnTrak™ system drilling and evaluation assembly. A direct current/guard electrode sensor configuration measures formation resistivity near the borehole. This measurement produces a high-resolution borehole image with full 360 deg. coverage while drilling.

Lower drilling cost

StarTrak images identify breakout and drilling-induced and natural fractures. Use this information to make mud weight adjustments to prevent the wellbore from caving in and sticking the BHA. This also prevents formation fracturing and taking in mud losses, reducing your drilling cost.

Enhance hydrocarbon recovery

StarTrak images determine structural dip and dip azimuth to optimize real-time wellbore placement in the most productive reservoir interval. By locating the sweet spot, you can avoid costly sidetracks and nonproductive zones. This enhances your hydrocarbon recovery. The StarTrak service is extremely useful in complex reservoirs with a high degree of geological uncertainty.

Estimate reserves more accurately

Acquire in-depth knowledge of fractures and fracture patterns in the reservoir rock with StarTrak images. This allows for better wellbore orientation to optimize production or injection and helps with the spatial distribution of wellbores to optimize fracture stimulation in the completion phase. This could result in fewer wells with earlier production, leading to a faster ROI.

StarTrak images also identify primary and secondary sedimentary features. This lowers the uncertainty associated with net-pay summations. More accurately calculate reserves in place and total recoverable hydrocarbons for a better estimate of net present value.

AziTrak Deep Azimuthal Resistivity

Our deep azimuthal resistivity measurement tool detects reservoir boundaries, offering accurate formation evaluation to reduce wellbore position uncertainty.

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