FASTrak LWD Fluid Analysis Sampling and Testing Service

Get the volume and quality of fluid samples you need—without compromise

Operators often rely on high volumes of high quality fluid samples—not merely real-time fluid analysis—to make their most critical strategic development decisions. But most sampling services can’t reliably deliver the overall fluid volume, quality, and quantity that operators need to make those decisions.

FASTrak™ services are the only ones with a track-record of providing the volume, quantity, and quality of samples that operators need. With the ability to collect as many as 16 discrete, single-phase samples, and up to 12 liters of fluid in a single run, you can be confident you’ll get the data you need while drilling, eliminating risk and rig time. FASTrak services can also enable better, faster, on-site decisions through comprehensive real-time analysis that lets operators:

  • Understand fluid pressure, volume, and temperature (PVT) properties—including solution gas-oil ratio, compressibility and saturation pressure
  • Determine fluid type and fluid contacts
  • Assess reservoir connectivity

FASTrak services include:

  • The FASTrak Prism fluid analysis and sampling while drilling service
  • The FASTrak HD fluid analysis, sampling, and testing while drilling service

Fluid Characterization and Testing

Our Reservoir Characterization Instrument™ (RCI™) service delivers vital petrophysical information to predict reservoir behavior during production.

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FASTrak Prism fluid analysis and sampling while drilling service

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