SeismicTrak Seismic-While-Drilling Service

Reduce drilling risk and improve wellbore placement

The SeismicTrak™ seismic-while-drilling service reduces formation uncertainty with real-time seismic data capture without adding nonproductive time to your drilling operation.

This reliable, field-proven service helps optimize the wellbore trajectory to maximize production without costly pilot holes or geological sidetracks by updating the surface-seismic velocity profile and reservoir model. The most precise clock technology in the industry, with a drift of less than one millisecond over 10 days, ensures precise time/depth measurements, even when downhole for extended periods.

Advanced wavelet processing of reflected data enables prediction of features ahead of the bit, such as formation tops for casing and coring points or drilling hazards, including faults and pore-pressure regimes. In addition to checkshot data, full wireline-quality vertical seismic profiling data are collected in memory from both geophone and hydrophone receivers for processing after drilling to increase subsurface understanding.

In highly deviated, extended-reach, or horizontal wellbores, the SeismicTrak service ensures downhole seismic data acquisition under borehole conditions where wireline deployment can be risky and/or time consuming.

The Baker Hughes Borehole Seismic Group further enhances the SeismicTrak service with its industry-leading expertise in pre-well planning and modeling, along with real-time and memory data processing and interpretation.


  • Deep water
  • Highly deviated, horizontal, or extended-reach wells
  • Determining casing and coring points
  • Reducing seismic uncertainty
  • Salt delineation


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Explore the Baker Hughes SeismicTrak™ Seismic-While-Drilling Service. This interactive experience shows how the technology works, the benefits and how the operations are run.


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