Openhole Wireline Services

Reduce uncertainty and manage risk by evaluating reservoirs efficiently and reliably

We offer well logging services for every environment, including advanced formation evaluation and production and reservoir monitoring. We also offer a variety of premium cased-hole services for effective well completion and well integrity. These include perforating systems and casing and completion inspection services, as well as pipe recovery services. Our technology, analysis techniques, and geoscience capabilities enable you to enhance reservoir value.



Petrophysical evaluation services are focused on reducing your economic risk by efficiently and accurately acquiring critical data throughout the reservoir life cycle.



Geology imaging services help you define reservoir architecture by delivering high-resolution borehole images and formation dip data for optimized field development.


Fluid Characterization and Testing

Our Reservoir Characterization Instrument™ (RCI™) service delivers vital petrophysical information to predict reservoir behavior during production.

Reservoir Characterization eXplorer

Acquire the critical information reliably to determine an asset’s commercial value, help to develop a recovery strategy, and make informed production facility decisions.

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