Optimize field development with accurate reservoir architecture

Our geology imaging services help you define reservoir architecture by delivering high-resolution borehole images and formation dip data for optimized field development. With this information, you can analyze structural dip, fracture systems, depositional environments, borehole stability, and net pay in thinly bedded sequences for optimized field development.  


STAR Imager Service

Our STAR Imager™ service delivers high-resolution resistivity formation images in conductive mud systems.


EARTH Imager Service

Our EARTH Imager™ service delivers accurate high-resolution microresistivity images in wells drilled with oil-based muds.


Circumferential Borehole Imaging Log Service

Circumferential Borehole Imaging Log™(CBIL™) services offer high-resolution borehole acoustic images in difficult conditions, including high-porosity, unconsolidated formations


UltrasonicXplorer Imaging Service

The UltrasonicXplorer™ service provides high-resolution borehole acoustic images in difficult wellbore conditions, including oil-based muds and large boreholes.


GeoXplorer Imaging Service

The GeoXplorer™ service provides high-resolution formation resistivity imaging in low-resistivity formations drilled with nonconductive mud systems for reservoir evaluation.


Wellbore Geometry

Our Well Geometry Instrument (WGI) measurement service acquires high-resolution data to provide early insight into borehole quality for well completion decisions.