Circumferential Borehole Imaging Log Service

Acquire high-resolution borehole acoustic images in difficult conditions

The Baker Hughes Circumferential Borehole Imaging LogTM (CBILTM) service offers high-resolution borehole acoustic images in difficult conditions, including high-porosity, unconsolidated formations. CBIL images are particularly suited to fracture and fault analysis. They can also be used for interpretation of the near-wellbore stress field from borehole breakouts and drilling-induced fractures.

Gain valuable insight for wellsite decisions

CBIL images supply valuable insight for making difficult drilling, completion, and production decisions at the wellsite. Full 360-deg. borehole imaging is made possible by an acoustic transducer operating in the pulse-echo mode. The transducer rotates to scan the entire circumference of the borehole wall, generating sharp images and boundary delineation.

Reliable performance in water- and oil-based muds

Our CBIL instrument’s 250-kHz operating frequency enables superior performance in larger holes and heavier muds when compared to similar devices. Our CBIL system is an acoustic device that doesn’t require contact with the borehole wall. This makes it quite effective in horizontal wells. Its small size of 3.625 in. [92.1 mm] allows for operation in slim holes as well as large-diameter holes.

Combine with resistivity imagers for complete formation evaluation

When combined with resistivity images, from the Baker Hughes STAR ImagerTM or EARTH ImagerTM service, the complementary measurements offer more complete formation evaluation.