Digital Acoustilog (DAL)

Acquire high-resolution, waveform acoustic data

The Baker Hughes Digital Acoustilog™ delivers acoustic-derived porosity in open holes and cement bond evaluations in cased holes. Waveform amplitude, slowness, and arrival time [delta t] processing of raw data can be incorporated into advanced log analysis programs. It can evaluate fractures, sand production, and rock properties.

Efficiently evaluate openhole, cased hole projects even in gassy formations

The instrument efficiently and accurately records compressional travel times using an array of four downhole receivers and two low-frequency transmitters.

The waveform correlation is insensitive to cycle skipping, making it particularly effective in gas-saturated formations, rugose wellbores, and borehole washouts. The instrument also offers through-casing logging and cement bond evaluation.

Our Digital Acoustilog offers accurate and efficient wellsite determination of compressional travel time (delta t). It delivers through-casing acoustic logging and qualitative cement bond evaluation, and identifies lithology and gas zones

Benefits include

  • Acoustic-derived porosity for water saturations
  • Seismic correlation through compressional and shear synthetic seismograms in fast formations.