XMAC CE Acoustic Logging and Well Integrity Evaluation

Save time and get a clear picture of the formation with high-quality acoustic data

The XMAC™ CE acoustic formation evaluation service delivers both acoustic formation data and cement log data in a single run, giving you a clearer understanding of the formation without having to add the rig time to make an additional cement evaluation run.

The service combines XMAC F1 acoustic logging data and Segmented Bond Tool™ (SBT) well integrity evaluation data to help you maximize reservoir potential, while reducing ambiguities associated with cement bond quality analysis.

Delta-T, fullwave monopole, and cross-dipole waveforms are acquired simultaneously in a single run. And the Deep Shear Wave Imaging (DSWI) processing service enables you to gain critical insight into reservoir structures with high-resolution images of formation features up to 100 ft (30 m) away from the borehole.

Deep Shear Wave Imaging

Our Deep Shear Wave Imaging processing service enables operators to gain critical insight of the reservoir structure up to 100 ft. away from the borehole.

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