XMAC F1 Acoustic Logging Service

Maximize reservoir performance with real-time acoustic logging

Our XMAC™ F1 acoustic service delivers real-time compressional, Stoneley, and slow and fast shear measurements. This empowers better decision-making that lowers cost, mitigates risk, and maximizes reservoir production.

Save time and money

Our XMAC F1 service sets the standard with the type of data acquired versus logging speed. With logging speed doubled to 30 ft/min, petrophysicists and geologists can now get easier acceptance for acquiring data that otherwise would be cost-prohibitive.

Acquire the right data the first time

Our XMAC F1 service delivers monopole and dipole measurements in unconsolidated formations [Δtc >250 μs/ft, Δts>1200 μs/ft] where competitor tools have failed. Data is acquired in one pass, eliminating multiple passes or the need to merge files together. This full dataset can be retrieved later, even if the need for some data isn’t apparent at acquisition time.

Stoneley, compressional, and shear measurements allow full reservoir interpretation. This includes cross-dipole azimuthal anisotropy analysis, rock mechanical properties, Stoneley wave permeability analysis, and seismic and log time-depth correlation. Other capabilities include porosity and lithology determination and hydrocarbon detection, which complement data like our integrated NMR and Stoneley wave permeability analysis.

Enhancements improve tool robustness

Our XMAC F1 service features a greatly enhanced acoustic isolator section is greatly enhanced, with compressional and tensile strength that is tenfold greater than older generations. Our XMAC F1 service reduces hole problems and evaluates your problematic wells on pipe-conveyed logging (PCL).

Faster logging reduces tool sticking and pulling, which improves data quality. It also mitigates risk due to adverse well conditions. The service’s improved isolator and increased logging speed reduce safety and economic risk by lowering tool sticking and fishing operations.

Our standard XMAC F1 service instruments are rated at 350 deg. F (177 deg. C) and 20,000 psi (138 Mpa), and our high-temperature, high-pressure Nautilus Ultra version is available and rated at 500º F (260 deg. C) and 30,000 psi (207 MPa).

Deep Shear Wave Imaging

Our Deep Shear Wave Imaging processing service enables operators to gain critical insight of the reservoir structure up to 100 ft. away from the borehole.

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