Rt eXplorer (RTeX) Service

Increase reserves and reduce uncertainty in complex reservoirs

The Baker Hughes Rt eXplorer™ (RTeX™) Multi Laterolog service accurately determines true formation resistivity in your conductive mud systems and challenging environments. This is achieved through the RTeX service’s multiple depths of investigation and high vertical resolution. Our RTeX service uses a new model-based adaptive borehole correction technique to overcome borehole problems and eccentricity effects on all measurements.

Increase hydrocarbon reserves

Improved technology in the RTeX instrument increases Rt measurement accuracy, reducing uncertainty in water-saturation determination. Our RTeX design improvements allow the best depth of investigation for an array laterolog tool. It offers more confidence in formation resistivity values and more accurate reserves estimates.

Improve reservoir characterization

Our RTeX service’s adaptive borehole correction technique corrects tool eccentricity effects. When measuring within uninvaded intervals, this technique properly “stacks” all four laterolog curves. It also shows a reliable and consistent resistivity profile when measuring invaded intervals.

Our RTeX service can be run with our new Baker Hughes Digital Micro-Laterolog™ service. This combination offers the most accurate invaded-zone resistivity (Rxo) and length-of-invasion (Lxo) measurements in the market. These technological advances reduce petrophysical interpretation risk and uncertainty.

Reduce rig time

The compact, faster-reading RTeX configuration provides significant savings in your rig time costs. Our RTeX wellsite deliverables are designed to accelerate your decision-making process.

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