RockView Service

In-situ mineralogical characterization reduces uncertainties in formation evaluation

The RockView™ Service acquires geochemical data through a combination of the Formation Lithology eXplorer™ (FLeX™) elemental spectroscopy wireline logging and Spectrolog tools. The data provides accurate in-situ mineralogical characterizations of the reservoir, thereby reducing uncertainties in interpretations that do not incorporate mineralogical data.

The FLeX tool uses an electronic pulsed-neutron source that generates 14MeV neutrons, which interacts to produce an array of inelastic and capture gamma rays that a Bismuth Germanium Oxide (BGO) detector collects. The resulting gamma ray spectra produced by these reactions distribute into 256 channels to obtain elemental yields that convert into dry elemental formation weight fractions.

FLeX runs in conjunction with Spectralog which uses a Cesium Iodide crystal detector that measures naturally occurring gamma rays produced by the radioactive decay of Thorium, Potassium and Uranium emitted from the subsurface formations.


Formation Lithology eXplorer (FLeX) Service

Our Formation Lithology eXplorer™ (FLeX™) service provides accurate in-situ mineralogical characterization.

Sidewall Coring Services

Wireline sidewall coring enables you to acquire core samples for reservoir evaluation.

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