Deployment Optimization

Reduce NPT with the most efficient wireline conveyance solution

The Baker Hughes Deployment Risk Management (DRM™) service minimizes the risk—from impaired data collection to the toolstring becoming stuck—associated with wireline conveyance of downhole instruments. We model trips into and out of the well to determine the most efficient deployment solution that reduces nonproductive time for your specific application.

But, there’s more to this than just modeling. Our wireline conveyance teams apply a global knowledge base of lessons learned to mitigate problems and duplicate success. This continuous improvement process enables us to manage the significant job risk and challenge by producing a perfected final strategy and contingency plan for your operation.

We identify and assess the magnitude and nature associated with deployment risk in any well to get your job done faster and safer at less cost.

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Increase performance and safety while decreasing operating cost. Flywheels allow wireline conveyance of our toolstrings in higher-angle wellbores.


Releasable Cableheads

Decrease NPT by disconnecting the wireline from the downhole instruments on demand. We have solutions for openhole and cased-hole operations.


Wireline Jars

We offer mechanical or hydraulic jar technology for single and multiconductor wireline so we can free stuck tools instead of depending on wireline pulls alone.


Powered Capstan

Increase operation safety in deep wells using the industry’s only derrick-mounted powered capstan. For extreme work, the capstan can be combined with crush-resistant cables.


Pipe-Conveyed Logging

Our system allows you to collect the data you need in the most challenging environments, including tortuous well paths and highly deviated, horizontal, or washed-out holes.

INTEQ Drilling Optimization Service

The INTEQ™ drilling optimization service combines an unparalleled engineering process with certified experts who focus exclusively on improving your drilling performance.

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