Decrease operating cost, increase safety by expanding wireline conveyance range

Baker Hughes flywheels decrease operating cost and increase safety by reducing the need for costly alternative deployment methods, such as tractor-conveyed logging. Flywheels allow wireline conveyance of our toolstrings in higher-angle wellbores.

This advanced roller stand-off design minimizes the contact area between the logging string and the borehole at all times. The reduction in friction greatly reduces the potential for differential sticking, allowing the toolstring to roll out of any permeable formations with minimum wireline overpull.

The flywheels are designed to support the weight of the toolstring while rotating on very low friction bearings. This technology elevates the toolstring above the low side of the wellbore, riding over debris and well imperfections with minimum friction forces to enable greater depth of deployment.  

For more information about our flywheels, please call us or send us an e-mail.

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