Powered Capstan

Increase wireline operation safety in deep wells

The Baker Hughes powered capstan increases operation safety in deep wells by addressing the potential challenges associated with wireline tension. We’re the only oilfield services company that offers—as standard—a derrick-mounted powered capstan.

The capstan maintains a preselected, constant wireline tension on the winch unit side at all times while allocating appropriate tension on the well side, as required.

For extreme work with extreme wireline tension, we offer crush-resistant cables. In these applications, we enhance operation safety further by combining the crush-resistant cables with our powered capstan.

The powered capstan prevents spooling of high-tension wireline over previously spooled low-tension wireline. This design eliminates wireline damage and the potential for drum crush.

For more information about our powered capstan, please call us or send us an e-mail.

Deployment Optimization

Our modeling minimizes the risk associated with wireline conveyance of downhole instruments. We determine the most efficient deployment solution for your application.

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