Releasable Cableheads

Decrease NPT by disconnecting from wireline on demand

Baker Hughes releasable cableheads decrease NPT by allowing you to disconnect the wireline from the logging instruments on demand. Combined with strong weak points, the cableheads enable greater wireline overpull on a stuck toolstring. This approach improves the chances of pulling the toolstring free while being able to safely disconnect the wireline from the top of toolstring if required.

Multiconductor releasable cablehead

In openhole applications with multiconductor wireline, the Baker Hughes multiconductor releasable cablehead (MRCH) allows the deployment of heavier toolstrings and fewer required runs in deep or deviated wells.

Ballistics-approved releasable cablehead

The addressable releasable tools (ART) serve the same function as the MRCH. The tool, which is specifically designed for single-conductor, cased-hole applications, is approved for ballistic operations. You can use multiple ARTs in one deployment to release segments of a stuck toolstring or to release the wireline.

Both of these releasable cableheads, which are controlled from the surface, are designed to prevent unintentional activation. They may also include a tensile-bar type of mechanical weak point as a contingency should the wireline lose electrical integrity while trying to pull free the stuck toolstring.  

For more information about our releasable cableheads, please call us or send us an e-mail. 

Deployment Optimization

Our modeling minimizes the risk associated with wireline conveyance of downhole instruments. We determine the most efficient deployment solution for your application.

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