Increase irrigation efficiency through weed and algae control

Baker Hughes crop protection chemicals increase irrigation efficiency by controlling submersed aquatic weeds and algae in flowing and impounded irrigation systems. By controlling submersed aquatic weeds, you maintain the capacity of irrigation canals. You also avoid the likelihood of canal overflow and levee breaks. Clean canal systems decrease the accumulation of silt and debris, reducing off-season maintenance.

Return your system to maximum flow

Baker Hughes MAGNACIDE™ H herbicide disintegrates submersed aquatic weeds quickly and reduces maintenance time and cost, returning your system to maximum flow capacity and efficiency. Since 1959, it has helped water providers deliver a continuous water supply to their customers.

This herbicide offers excellent control of vascular submersed aquatic weeds and algae. It demonstrates more effective results than other aquatic herbicides and mechanical cleaning. Aquatic weeds disintegrate so that no removal or disposal is required. A single application generally restores canal capacity within 24 hours. Disintegrated weeds will not plug irrigation structures, sprinklers, or even drip irrigation emitters.

Protect the environment

The treated water can be applied directly to crops, allowing irrigation water delivery to proceed as normal. Acrolein—the active ingredient—is a unique, biodegradable material that quickly breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. This does not leave residues in crops, water, or soil. A closed application system protects the applicator and the environment.

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Weed specificity chart for MAGNACIDE™ H aquatic herbicide.



Frequently asked questions about our MAGNACIDE™ H aquatic weed herbicide.