New Phase Technologies

Enhance aesthetics and improve efficacy of your personal care formulations

Improve structure and stability of stick products

New Phase Technologies PERFORMALENE™ polyethylenes and PERFORMACOL™ alcohols offer efficient stick structuring while helping to prevent oil bleed of common cosmetic oils, including silicones. Their high crystallinity yields uniform payout and elegant feel.  

Boost SPF and achieve excellent water resistance

PERFORMA V™ 6112 polymer boosts SPF of sunscreen and skin-care and color-cosmetic products, making lower active levels more effective. Its excellent film-forming capability at low-use levels makes formulating water-resistant products easy.

Create brilliant shine without sacrificing aesthetics

Color cosmetics made with PERFORMA V polymers glide on smooth with a gloss that pops. These polymers are great alternatives to silicones in hair serums and styling products.

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