Acidizing Services

Increase well productivity with optimal technology

Baker Hughes acidizing services reconnect the wellbore to more of the hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir by removing formation damage or bypassing that damage. We have a variety of acid systems, delivery processes, and expertise to suit your well’s technical and economic requirements, all to increase productivity.

We begin with Baker Hughes Understand the Reservoir First™ studies. We assess the formation rocks' and fluids’ geology, lithology, mineralogy, and chemistry to determine damage mechanisms and extent, including well conditions, acid solubility, and compatibility.

From this information, our expert engineers determine the most efficient way to remove the damage—acid washes, matrix acidizing, or acid fracturing—and the optimum fluids to achieve your goals.

Our fluid options for acidizing operations include conventional organic/inorganic acids and proprietary blends of acids and other chemicals to improve stimulation efficiency and performance.

Whether you’re working in a carbonate or sandstone formation, have a new well that simply needs a little help lifting filter cake, a mature well with decades of hard scale and organic deposits, or something in between, call our acidizing services team for the reliable answers.


REAL Acid Divert Temporary Diversion Agent

REAL Acid Divert™ temporary diversion agents enhance near-wellbore or far-field diversion in standard or high-temp applications, enabling deeper and more uniform stimulation.


DeepSpot Complete Acid Fracturing Service

The DeepSpot™ complete acid fracturing service delivers rock-breaking viscosity, slow-reacting acid, and effective leak-off control in a single system for easy, efficient pumping.


SandStoneDivert Viscoelastic Surfactant Diverter System

The SandStoneDivert™ viscoelastic surfactant diverter system lasts longer, generates up to 400% higher viscosity, and doesn’t require extra equipment and rig-up time.

Extreme Production Conditions

Our chemical products and services are specifically designed to deliver asset integrity and flow assurance under the harshest operating conditions.

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