REAL Acid Divert Temporary Diversion Agent

Improve stimulation coverage and effectiveness

The REAL Acid Divert™ temporary diversion agents enhance near-wellbore diversion in standard or high-temperature applications, enabling deeper and more uniform stimulation across the entire interval. The diverters are designed to bridge across perforations, wormholes, and/or fractures. They feature unique solid particulates that direct fluids to untreated or undertreated areas of sandstone and carbonate formations.

REAL Acid Divert diverters increase etched fracture length and conductivity when used in matrix acidizing. When used in acid fracturing applications, they provide far-field diversion in smaller wormholes, enabling stimulation fluid to penetrate deeper along the entire fracture length.

DeepSpot Complete Acid Fracturing Service

Acid frac jobs are tough. And it's because you've had to switch back and forth between multiple fluids to get the results you need...

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