Deepwater Cementing Services

Maintain wellbore integrity in deepwater

Baker Hughes deepwater cementing services are the right choice to ensure safe, secure wells. You can rely on our field-proven expertise for targeted zone protection and wellbore integrity during the asset life.

We’re continuing to find new cementing methods to cope with the extreme environmental and geological conditions in deepwater, including last-minute, on-location changes if you encounter unexpected wellbore conditions.

The Baker Hughes DeepSet™ slurry—usually foamed with nitrogen—reduces the risk of shallow-water flow (SWF) that, ultimately, causes severe subsidence and erosion. Foamed cements—ideal for combating severe SWF—maintain internal pressure, counteracting volume loss as the slurry undergoes the transition between a liquid and set state. The foamed cement’s compressible nature offsets the hydrostatic pressure loss that initiates water or gas flow.

In non-SWF situations, the Baker Hughes DeepLite™ cement system is designed for riserless, deepwater applications with low potential for shallow water or gas flows. These premium lightweight slurries set quickly at low temperature of less than 50 deg. F [10 deg. C]; they gain much higher compressive strength than conventionally extended, accelerated slurries.

Scientists in our Technology and Operations Support Center continuously are developing new and more effective well cementing solutions for your deepwater applications.


When you’re spending $350 per minute on a $500,000-per-day deepwater rig, you can be confident our global expertise enables you to work safer with minimized NPT.

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