Cementing Job Design

Success through planning and simulation

As our technology extends the limits of cementing performance, one basic premise defines our success: A good cement job starts with a proper understanding of the well design, the risks, and cementing best practices. These practices—including mud conditioning, optimal pump rates, optimum densities, centralization, and other factors that ensure effective mud removal—are critical elements for long-term zonal isolation. By staying engaged with you, our customer, we ensure that we fully understand all of the challenges and have all the critical data needed to perform the job.


CemFACTS Cementing Software

The CemFACTS™ advanced cement placement software incorporates all the planned cement data to simulate cement slurry placement.


IsoVision Software Application

The Baker Hughes IsoVision™ software models the radial and tangential stresses on the set cement and determines whether the planned sheath will perform effectively over the full life of the well.


CemVision Advanced Fluid Displacement Simulator

Our CemVision™ advanced fluid displacement simulator is a pseudo-3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulator, providing numerical solutions to evaluate cementing fluid intermixing and decay.

Set for Life Cementing Systems

Our cementing systems ensures each design isolates and protects the target zone for the well life. Rely on our field-proven expertise to create a lifelong hydraulic seal.

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