CemVision Advanced Fluid Displacement Simulator

CemVision Advanced Fluid Displacement Simulator

The Baker Hughes CemVision™ advanced fluid displacement simulator is a pseudo-3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulator, providing numerical solutions to evaluate cementing fluid intermixing and decay.

Casing eccentricity, as well as non-aqueous fluid behavior accountability, strengthens the platform used to predict the fluid positions and integrity after cement placement. By using the output data identified by the CemVision software, in either 2D or 3D visualization, solutions are tailored to reduce the risks of intermixing and/or decay while incorporating contingencies to meet the placement objectives.

IsoVision Software Application

The Baker Hughes IsoVision™ software models the radial and tangential stresses on the set cement and determines whether the planned sheath will perform effectively over the full life of the well.

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