DeepSet Cementing System

Provide superior shallow water and/or gas flow in deepwater drilling environments

The Baker Hughes DeepSet™ cement system is used to control shallow water and/or gas flow in deepwater drilling environments. This system provides early compressive strength development at low temperatures with minimal transition time. It also serves as the primary completion cement and the base cement for foamed lightweight cement.

Baker Hughes prides itself on solving potential problems at the wellhead, understanding that a single slurry does not fit all applications. This approach allows unlimited design flexibility and takes deepwater cement systems out of the lab and into the real world. Our cementing philosophy uses state-of-the-art cement pumping equipment, such as Seahawk™ cement units, to help ensure a quality cement job.

DeepSet cement slurries are part of Baker Hughes Set for Life™ family of cement systems, which are designed to isolate and protect the targeted zone for the life of the well. These slurries can be blended with other systems in this family to help ensure long-term zonal isolation.

Deepwater, shallow water flow and gas migration environment.

Set for Life Cementing Systems

Our cementing systems ensures each design isolates and protects the target zone for the well life. Rely on our field-proven expertise to create a lifelong hydraulic seal.

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