EnsurSet Cement System

Maintain long-term well integrity with self-sealing cement system providing enhanced mechanical properties

The Baker Hughes EnsurSet™ self-sealing cement system provides a durable cement sheath to help ensure well integrity and zonal isolation for the life of the well.
Because of changes in pressure and temperature to the cement sheath over the life of the well, the cement sheath may fail or crack and allow annular pressure to build up. This cracking and pressure build-up can result in
  • „„Sustained casing pressure
  • „„Cross flow
  • „„Lost production
  • „„Collapsed casing
  • „„Contaminated water zones
  • „„Increased workover costs
By sealing cracks up to 0.009 in. (0.2286 mm), the Baker Hughes EnsurSet self-sealing cement system helps address these problems. EnsureSet cement swells in the presence of hydrocarbons to shut off the flow through the cement matrix and micro-annulus.

SealBond Spacer Systems

SealBond™ cement spacer systems clean the hole, strengthen the wellbore, and help mitigate and remediate lost circulation issues while cementing.

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