UltraBond Spacer System

Promote effective mud removal

The Baker Hughes UltraBond™ spacer system is a high-performance water-based spacer designed to effectively displace the drilling fluid in the annulus, improve fluids compatibilities, optimize displacement efficiencies, and provide improved cement bonding. The UltraBond system’s rheological properties can be engineered by adjusting polymer concentration depending on particular well requirements.

This high-performance spacer system promotes effective mud removal by providing adequate friction pressure hierarchy for multiple scenarios. With the aid of different surfactant packages, the UltraBond spacer system can be used with a wide range of non-aqueous drilling fluids.

Set for Life Cementing Systems

Our cementing systems ensures each design isolates and protects the target zone for the well life. Rely on our field-proven expertise to create a lifelong hydraulic seal.

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