Temporary Zonal Isolation

Replace permanent isolation with ”disappearing cement”

Temporary zonal isolation can be achieved using a chemical isolation system to optimize treatment coverage with multi-zone completion technologies. There are a variety of treatment options for both horizontal and vertical completions to optimize isolation, but chemical isolation is the best technique for temporarily providing a near wellbore plug in a cost-effective way which also allows increased well utility after treatment.

Baker Hughes GelBlock Temporary Annular Isolation system is the solution available for any non-permanent zonal isolation applications.  This system provides annular isolation similar to cement without damaging the formation.


GelBlock Temporary Annular Isolation System

The GelBlock™ temporary annular isolation system provides short-term isolation similar to cement without permanently blocking production from existing hydrocarbon flow paths. It is ideal for...

REAL Connect Service

The Baker Hughes REAL Connect™ service leverages state-of-the-art diverter systems to redirect your frac fluid flow to the perforation clusters and reservoir sections where it is needed for maximum stimulation performance.

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