Cementing Hardware and Systems

Specialized cementing equipment and systems for flawless wellsite operations

Our specialized cementing equipment and systems─including the Seahawk™ units─reliably, safely, and cost-effectively support flawless wellsite operations.

Run by well-trained personnel, this equipment includes fully automated slurry density control─a robust process that allows high-rate, heavyweight, and ultralightweight mixing while providing ergonomic safety for the cement unit operator and critical component redundancy.


Seahawk Cementing Unit

Our accurate twin cement unit offers flexible, automated solutions for your cementing demands. The unit ensures precise slurry density control and efficient, reliable pumping.


Para-Bow Cementing Tool

The Baker Hughes Para-Bow tool’s umbrella-shaped membranes conform to hole irregularities and stop the movement of heavier cements through lighter fluids.


Automated Foam Cement System (AFCS)

Our automated foam cement system (AFCS) helps ensure high-quality foam cement operations by automating the injection of nitrogen and one additive into the cement slurry.


LaunchPRO Wireless TD Cement Head

The LaunchPRO™ wireless TD cement head improves safety and reliability in deepwater cementing operations through remote launch of plugs, darts, and balls.

Deepwater Cementing Services

Our deepwater cementing services ensure safe, secure wells in your deepwater operations. You can rely on our field-proven expertise for wellbore isolation during the asset life.

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