LaunchPRO Wireless TD Cement Head

Optimize reliability and enhance rig site safety in deepwater cementing applications

Reduce risk and increase reliability in deepwater cementing operations with the LaunchPRO™ wireless top drive (TD) cement head. The cement head launches balls, plugs, and darts wirelessly via handheld remote, keeping rig personnel out of the red zone and speeding up launch operations.

The tool’s streamlined design greatly reduces the risk of external component damage that could result in non productive time. Its pneumatic operation is powered by rig air through a single hose which can be tethered to the cementing line to reduce the risk of damage and improve reliability. The cement head also features a hydraulically balanced internal cementing valve that operates independently from launching functions and allows for pressure testing with little to no intervention.

A customized lift basket with a pneumatic trolley system enables easy onsite maintenance, and it reduces the labor required to make and break connections, and load equipment.

The LaunchPRO cement head is compatible with the Baker Hughes Seahawk family of reliable offshore cementing equipment, and it offers industry-leading ratings to meet the demands of today’s longer, deeper subsea completions.


  • Wireless launch of darts, cementing plugs, and balls during cementing of subsea long string and long, heavy liners
  • Deepwater cementing 

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