Seahawk Cementing Unit

Ensure cementing reliability in any deepwater environment

The Baker Hughes Seahawk™ accurate twin cement unit offers flexible, automated solutions to meet your cementing demands. The unit ensures precise slurry density control and efficient, reliable pumping. 

This offshore unit builds on very successful Baker Hughes land-based cementing technology for additional automation, safety, reliability, and extremely accurate job performance.

We combine precision slurry density control and new safety and comfort features with critical component redundancy and physical/operational flexibility. The result is superior-performance, skid-mounted offshore cementing and well control units for routine and complex cementing applications.

With high-horsepower diesel and electric versions at outstanding pump rates, the Seahawk unit design and implementation flexibility extends to controls, hazard protection, and environmental enclosures for optimizing health and safety offshore.

The Seahawk unit mixes slurries from 7.5 lb/gal to 22 lb/gal with engine options to 2,300 brake hp and pumping rates to 22 bbl/min [0.06 m3/s]. You can work remotely in subzero temperature and in zone-II hazardous environments; we also have a remote radiator and seawater cooling package.

Cementing Job Design

A good cement job starts with a proper understanding of the well design, risks, and cementing best practices.

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