Coiled Tubing Services

Achieve economic well stimulation and maintenance

Coiled tubing (CT) is indispensable to many wellsite operations. But, the greatest value is much more than conveyance: It’s the performance achieved at the end of the pipe.

Baker Hughes' CT solutions are the result of nearly 30 years of experience, a dedicated research and development facility, and a global laboratory network that’s focused on understanding the reservoir first.

On the surface and downhole, we offer practical solutions for well cleanouts, stimulation, and many other specialized applications. Our CT deployment teams help you achieve significant operational and economic performance advantages.

The Baker Hughes Coiled Tubing Research and Engineering Center improves and extends CT applications, drawing upon a practical blend of research and field experience. 

Through the continuous efforts of our research engineering team, wellbore intervention using CT is continuously safer and more predictable, efficient, and effective.

Coiled Tubing Product Line Manager Tim Ramsey discusses how real-time downhole data and field-based simulation capabilities are shaping the future of coiled tubing in an interview with Drilling Contractor.

TeleCoil Intelligent Coiled Tubing Services

Get real-time downhole information, maximizing the efficiency of CT operations. Real-time collar location enables the necessary depth accuracy for precision applications.


CIRCA Coiled Tubing Software

Use superior coiled tubing software, deliver superior results


EasyReach Extended-Reach Coiled Tubing Service

The EasyReach™ extended-reach coiled tubing service delivers an optimal solution for servicing long horizontal wells—offering predictable, repeatable, and reliable performance in extended laterals.


Advanced Coiled Tubing Tools

Baker Hughes advanced coiled tubing tools are used to improve wellbore conditions, combat wellbore restrictions, and enhance oil and gas production.


OptiStriker Straddle Packer Hydraulic Fracturing Technology

OptiStriker™ straddle packer hydraulic fracturing technology—this fracking equipment restimulates each perforation cluster in existing unconventional wells to boost production.


Micro CT Coiled Tubing Services

Micro CT™ is the optimal coiled tubing solution for offshore wells with limited deck space and/or reduced crane capacities.

Coiled Tubing and Reentry

Our coiled tubing and reentry drilling systems economically access new pay zones to maximize ultimate recovery, improve revenue, and extend field life.

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