Sand-Vac and Well-Vac Cleanout Systems

Remove solids and liquids from ultra-low-pressure wellbores

The Baker Hughes Sand-Vac™ and Well-Vac™ systems use concentric coiled tubing (CCT) combined with a proprietary downhole switchable jet pump to remove solids and liquids from ultralow-pressure wellbores that are not treatable with standard circulating methods. These cleanout systems isolate the fluids from the reservoir and allow continuous returns without the use of nitrogen. This is particularly advantageous for cleanout operations that require significant amounts of nitrogen or have issues related to supply, logistics, or platform deck space.

Used in extended-length producing intervals, these systems handle crossflow or thief-zone challenges that hamper conventional circulation cleanouts. The tools also incorporate optional built-in pressure and temperature memory gauges to collect accurate downhole data.

Features and benefits

Multiple operating modes

  • Sand-Vac mode Removes sand and solids in a single run
  • Well-Vac mode vacuums drilling mud, stimulation fluids, and other reservoir fluids, and enables production inflow profiling
  • High-pressure jetting mode passes through hard sand bridges and enables effective stimulation fluids placement


  • Ultra-low-pressure reservoirs
  • Extended-length and horizontal producing intervals
  • Well cleanup and unloading
  • Production profiling
  • Heavy-oil and sand-producing wells
  • Operating areas that are constrained in the use of nitrogen due to costs and logistics  

Micro CT Coiled Tubing Services

Micro CT™ is the optimal coiled tubing solution for offshore wells with limited deck space and/or reduced crane capacities.

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