EasyReach Extended-Reach Coiled Tubing Service

Get confident coiled tubing performance in extended-reach wells

The EasyReach™ extended-reach coiled tubing service delivers an optimal solution for servicing long horizontal wells—offering predictable, repeatable, and reliable performance in extended laterals.

The service incorporates:

  • Advanced CIRCA™ modeling and simulation software
  • Specially engineered EasyReach™ lubricant
  • The proven EasyReach downhole fluid hammer tool

How it works.

EasyReach CT services are designed using Baker Hughes advanced CIRCA™ modeling software. The result: a reliable, customized CT solution that minimizes risk and improves well economics.

Baker Hughes scientists engineered the EasyReach lubricant to provide better, consistent performance in downhole environments, including HP/HT wells. This predictable performance can be modelled in CIRCA to ensure efficient lubricant applications when and where they are needed—reducing metal-to-metal friction with improved sliding efficiency and higher rates of penetration. In addition, the lubricant performance is complemented by the EasyReach fluid hammer tool’s capabilities—maximizing efficiency while minimizing overall risk in long horizontal wells.


The Baker Hughes EasyReach service can help you significantly increase the lateral reach of CT compared to conventional CT solutions—helping make successful CT applications in lateral lengths greater than 12,000 feet routine.

Choose the Baker Hughes EasyReach service and know with confidence that the coiled tubing performance on your next extended-reach well will be both efficient and effective.

To learn how the EasyReach service can make reaching TD in an extended reach well routine, saving time and money, contact your Baker Hughes representative today.

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