Ascent High-Side Fracturing Services

Elevate production with more propped fracture area

The Ascent™ high-side fracturing service leverages advanced modelling, specialized pumping techniques and strong, ultra-lightweight proppant technologies to create and maintain open fractures above the lateral wellbore—maximizing both the conductive fracture area and
ultimate recovery.  

Keep the fracture you paid for

A common approach to generating more production from stimulated wells is to enlarge the fracture area by pumping larger fluid and sand (proppant) volumes. While higher sand and fluid volumes may push the fracture out further into the reservoir, the additional treatment expense often fails to deliver an equivalent production increase.

This is because, with conventional sand and low viscosity fracturing fluids, placing proppant above the horizontal lateral is extremely difficult. Instead, most of the sand creates "dunes" in the lower portion of the well and any sand that might reach above the lateral wellbore typically falls before the fracture closes. As a result, the high side of the fracture network is lost when it seals.

Produce more…from more of your reservoir

There are more efficient ways to improve your fracture network and production potential. The Ascent service’s ultra-lightweight proppants establish clear flow paths into more of the created fracture network area—including the area above the wellbore—to deliver better production from more of your reservoir.

As an added benefit, overall proppant and water volumes, along with related transportation and pumping costs, are minimized without negatively impacting production. 


Fracturing Fluid Systems

Baker Hughes engineers each stimulation fluid for full HSE compliance, superior operational efficiency, and optimal production performance.

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