SandCare Dust Control Proppant

Reduce crystalline silica dust from proppant sands

SandCare™ dust control proppant is chemically treated sand that reduces the levels of harmful respirable crystalline silica emitted during the transfer and use of sand proppant at hydraulic fracturing sites.

SandCare proppant offers improved protection to workers at the well site. In addition, this proppant eliminates the need for dust suppression rentals—lowering costs and improving an operator’s HSE footprint by reducing truck traffic and the resulting emissions on the roads and jobsites.

Treated prior to delivery, SandCare proppant is available in all mesh sizes and is compatible with all fracturing fluids. It does not require any job re-design prior to its use in place of regular sand. The SandCare proppant does not require any additional equipment to be deployed on location—reducing NPT due to equipment failure and minimizing the presence of dust that could affect radiators and sensitive components.

Environmental Solutions and Chemical Disclosure

Baker Hughes offers sustainable fracturing services using innovative technologies and processes to lower an operation’s environmental footprint and minimize the impact on local communities.

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